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Feb 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
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Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
what that means. what i want to ask you is what constitutes manufacturing today? it could be technology companies, they could be car companies, they could be materials companies. see, i don't even understand this. how do we know what is manufacturing and why it has to be located solely in the usa. i don't get that. >> we want it here because manufacturing has tremendous multiplier effect. every every dollar invested in manufacturing, another $1.48 of spinoff activity occurs and that filters throughout the economy and creates jobs -- >> how did you get that $1 hadn't 48 -- $1.48 number? >> that's cooked up by some pretty credible economists. that's a number that we're pretty proud of. in fact, it's the sector of the economy that is the most powerful and has the most powerful multiplier effect. >> so you must have loved obama's state of the union speech. i don't know why you're belly aching. the guy wants to give you tax tax credit if you open up some manufacturing plan but you must have loved this speech. >> i'll repeat this. i love it when folks focus on manufacture bug now the tough jo
Feb 13, 2013 7:00pm EST
hard for us to let in these smart brainiacs and technology entrepreneurs? what are we afraid of in this country? >> well, it shouldn't be that difficult. in my view this is just kansas common sense. this is something that republicans and democrats ought to find agreement upon and the reality is that when we fail to do that, we're physicaling out on a growing economy, putting americans to work and unfortunately we're losing a battle for that global talent because other countries have reached the conclusion to do what we're not doing. so jobs are being created, the american dream is being pursued but it's being pursued outside the united states. >> steve case, help me out in i'm wrong. you want to bring in entrepreneurs who will start companies, that's one class. second class is you want foreign students who go to our good universities to be able to stay if they choose to. if that's correct, what's holding this up? >> well, these things are all complicated by senator moran and also the republicans and democrats who have been working together on this particular bill and this par
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
with technological style. can we get a new long-term secular bull market if this transition away from finance as you put it occurs? >> long-term bull market in some things, yes. farming is going to be a fantastic business. farming's been a disaster for 30 years. it's now going to be a fantastic place to be. the people who produce real things. forget finance. it's not going to be a great -- when i went to wall street in 1964, a big day was 3 million shares. that's not even a trait these days. >> are you long stocks yourself? >> i own some stocks in japan and a few other places. not in the u.s. >> don't you love what the japanese are doing? depreciating, saving the world from deflation? >> debasing the currency? >> it's the right thing to do. >> i'm not in favor of debasing the currency. you're a money shufflers. >> i am a money shufflers. or used to be. i think they're saving the world economy by doing this. >> well, i own shares and they're making them go through the roof. i guess in that sense i have to say thank you. but debasing money and printing money is not a good thing. you sound like dr. ber
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4